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I'll be impatiently waiting for the full version of this mod. First off, respect for you logan and the whole team who is working on this mod. Can't imagine how many time you already spent on it and how many effort you put into this.

The only thing I can do to help you out is to give my feedback on this beta demo.

Sadly we didn't get to experience all the new gameplay content in the dialogs you invented. The means to manipulate like a true Sith gets me on. K1 and TSL lacked it... You could be only openly moronic evil which is rather pathetic.

Onto my feedback (I'll hide it as it may contain spoilers):

I'm not a script wrtier and can't say I know anything about creating plots. The story of this mod seems believable for SW universe and is introduced really nice. I got the hang of what's going on really quickly. The holonews are great idea and helps a lot in this.
I'm only talking about this demo mod ofc, I don't have any idea what might happen next.
I would be more worried about those smaller happenings and dialogs in them. Those need polishing imho. Tho it might be a little too late for that.
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Characters introduced:
The ones introduced aren't as unique as those of K1 and TSL in look and characters but once you play some time you will get to like them. Quan is a big plus imho. I've been reading its pain in the ass to model heads so I didn't expect anything out of space yet I liked some cosmetic changes and reskins.

Gameplay of the demo content:
First of I must admit I felt that no matter what I say in dialogs the game follows one road. But that's just the beginning so I can't say anything more.
Like I mentioned before, we only got notified that we will be able to use light side or dark side means in dialog to either manipulate or encourage and some other options. We weren't able to test it. That's a shame imho.

I played only human and got humans in party so I don't know about those 'race feats/bonuses'.

Great job with the new content such as playable alien races. I was a little scared by the early screenshot but in game they look cool.

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Items. Well, there were none besides quest items.

Biggest flaws are dialogs.
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Another thing.
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Technical problems/bugs I encoutered:
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Cosmetic/Taste flaws (rather personal opinion):
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Think that's all I wanted to share with... Hope it might be of any help. Now, I know it may look like I'm only seeing the negative things but it's different around! I really like the demo mod and I can't wait to play the full thing. Good luck and good job so far!

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