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Hello there. Please do not care about my dark jacob as my avatar, since I wanted to be a light-side character oO ( am I virtually speaking ? )
So, my name is Thomas Gomez, I'm french, 19 years old ( omg almost a couple of decades ).
My fav games of all times : KOTOR 1&2, Oblivion, Halo ( the very first one ), Baldur's Gate 2.
My fav movies of all time : SW, Star Trek Voyager, Halo : Landfall ( actually not really a movie ) , Lost in Translation, Shining, and District 9.

Actually I'm in some sort of college doing a degree in IT, next year I'll be doing the EVS ( European Voluntary Service ), and next to that I'll be doing a 2-years degree in VFX and 3D animation ( not to mention that I'd like to go to VFS oO , but too costly )
NB : I do not know how to mod, although I've got UDK installed on my pc ( look for the intruder )

Bye !
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