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Modding Troubles

So I just Installed SWKOTOR2 on my computer a day ago. I fixed the responding issues and got the game going. Recently I decided to install the Barriss Offee and Twin Suns mod. After that I installed the Mira Jacket for PC. One I had done that, I installed multiple reskin mods for individual party members, the ship, peragus, and nar shadaa. (I tested the game after every mod.) And then I decided to play. I entered the game, and hit LOAD, off of my saved game menu. When I did that (I had the twilek sun as my pc) she was red, and her clothes turned to this mix of red and black. It only happened after the reskin mods, and influence fix mod was installed. I've modded games before, so I deleted all the mods, remodded the files several times, but even when I didn't install the reskins and influence fix, the game started to crash after i hit new game. I was wondering if anyone knew how to help?
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