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Firstly... Taak, I think your post gave me cancer...

@ Master_Lin: So basically all of the hate for TOR is because it's not elitist enough?.................. great.

I know I'm all postin' in a troll thread and all but...

Video games are being made for a companies profit? SAY IT ISN'T SO! They should only make video games as a high art form and cater to only the most niche audience with the highest knowledge in Star Wars lore.

Video games being made for a larger audience to make said money? SAY IT ISN'T SO! They should lose millions with every game they make in the name of art!

I feel like that folks who complain about TOR can't give a valid reason why it's a terrible game and simply repeat "it's not KotOR 3" over and over again... I mean hey, I bitched about TOR when it was first announced and wanted KotOR 3 as well... but I got over it for a few reasons... one of which being the fact that I warmed up to TOR over time and the other being that it's just really sad to constantly bitch about the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over..................

Hooray. |

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