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"Is this something that I should warn my security officer of when she arrives?"

Jun-la gave a slight shake of her head, "More the likely she would have sensed it. If it is a concern we will bring it up. That is a promise." Jun-la then led the way into the sitting area. When Belina was seated, she handed her daughter over.

Having gotten over what was troubling her, Kaillian started playing with the insignias on Belina's uniforn, tugging at them. "Pitties"

Jun-la smiled at her daughter's antics.

"Wow. Something smells good. If I may ask what is being made?"

"Finally someone who appreciates fine cooking," Matton called as he left the kitchenette. Jun-la couldn't stop laughing at the sight of him having a towel wrapped around his waist and it was covered with grease. He crossed his arms looking cocky and added, "As to the menu, it's an Avalonian delicacy. I just hope you are handy with them poky sticks they use to eat with."


"What happened?" "Is whatever it is back?!"

Tavaryn realized that he had started a panic in Alriana when he felt her urgency. He felt like an idiot at the moment since she had been tired lately. The last thing she needed was stress but then again she would more likely hit him if he didn't say anything. Taking a breath, he replied in low tones designed to calm her down, "It was familiar and I was able to sense Kaillian's agitation. I think it's a feeler but it is familiar. Luckily Xandros and Jun-la left a clear warning. I am sorry if I upset you."


Tonatius looked at the smoldering mess and the disabled field. He gave a wry grin and said, "Well that works." He readied his blade and led the way out, taking the lead to detect any potential threats. He then asked Markath, "Where do we go from here?"

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