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SWKOTOR2 Crashing and Mods Issues.

Heres a list of things I've done.

1. Reinstalled the game after uninstalling it manually and with my uninstaller 24 times. Game still crashes.
2. Installed the latest patch 24 times along with vista fix.
(How I installed the game)
1. ran the installer as administrator.
2. Installed the game.
3. Rebooted.
4. Installed Patch.
5. Rebooted.
6. Installed Vista fix.
7. Rebooted.
8. Loaded Main Menu.
9. Created Character.
10. Crash after it loads 1/3 of the way.

The Vista Fix and Patch fixed the Crash before Main Menu loaded.
However...... It did not fix the crash after Character Creation...
I've become frustrated. I've looked literally all over the net for a solution. I've downloaded a lot of stuff, installed a lot, yet it doesn't do anything. I've had it with the game, but I'm obsessed with fixing it.... :¬: I'm the type of person who's dedicated to solving matter what...and it's hard for me to give up on something I really want. Anyone Know how to help? It's Much appreciated.
Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place...never used this place before.

Onto Mod Problem

Now, the mods I installed before, when I reinstall the game, are still there....and I cant figure out why since I -Completely- delete the game before I reinstall it... Anyways. I did a test on my 13th try. Handmaiden in the char/creation doesn't show up, but a blank head does.
Anyway I can uninstall the mods all together, solve this issue, and start playing again? :¬: I've stayed up since 3 am each night, and working on the game without a break for the past few days... I'd like to make it so that work didn't go to waste....and get to gaming. Thanks in advance.

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