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I actually discovered something odd... When I went to configure and scanned my first time installing the game, I passed everything. Thats also when the game was smooth running...however now I'm not passing, evidently my "video card drivers are out of date" but I just reformatted my computer not even a year ago...and it was working fine earlier... but it says OS failed... Everything when I first installed was passing. Now it's not. What's going on here...?

Apologies for being so late to reply...I was looking over a lot of the files, looking at the manual, and looking up fixes on the net.

Well I decided to run it in compatibility with Windows 2000, fixed one issue the OS one.
Now for the video drive...I've updated it, reinstalled it, and updated it again, however it still comes up with
Your current video cards are out of date
NVidia Cards require Detonator 45.23 drives or better (yet I have 8.501.0.0 v. of my driver: ATI Raedon xpress 200)


I'm not sure what to do on them, so I'll keep digging around

Game Check:

I checked the game, went to quick char creation, the game crashes when I hit Name

ATI catalyst isn't compatible with my version of I wasted space on that. Tried DetectiveDriver didn't do anything...but scan... DriverScanner, title says it all.
Any idea how to fix it so ATI catalyst is compatible?

My motivation is still oddly unphased.

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