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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
The fourth one will probably be in there, but that's like wondering if "May the Force be with you" will be.
I'm kind of hoping that all four of them are in the game somewhere even in aurebesh. Although, I won't notice it, if it is in aurebesh.

Originally Posted by Astor View Post
It's more of an in-joke across the entire film industry, really, although Burtt was the one who started it after he rediscovered the sound. Tarantino uses it in all of his films, too.
It is now, you're right!

Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
Ben Burtt discovered the "Wilhelm Scream" in some audio collection somewhere and brought it to the public limelight. Since then it's been used in A LOT of movies, with Ben Burtt deserving credit for finding it. It's fun to hear it, knowing it's an homage to Ben Burtt.

He even tried to make the Wilhelm Scream with his own voice in RotJ when Han knocks him into a pit in the Endor shield generator. :P

Can't say I know the "326-3827" reference though.
Haha, I've had speculation that it's an old phone number from USC, but George would have to confirm that.

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