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"That is a gracious offer Admiral and you are always welcome to drop by and say hello."

Belina smiled again. "Thank you for the offer, rest assured I will most likely take you up on that."

"Oh I think Kaillian will turn him into a softie before that happens."

Belina laughed again, this time a bit more softly. "She might be able to do that. I like to think that his time among us has softend Garja's heart a bit since his time with the Empire."

"Tavy coming!"

She paused for a moment as she processed what Kaillian was saying before finally getting it. "Oh...Tavaryn is on his way." she said softly. "So tell me...has she been looking forward to seeing tavaryn?"

"I'm not betting anything. I know that Belina got her something but I'm willing to be Kaillian charmed something else out of her."

Alriana chuckled. "Belina may seem a bit harsh sometimes but I bet your right. I've seen her soft side a few times and I also know that she has a soft spot for kids. I wonder what Belina got for her though?"

"I told you I bruise easily. Besides you're the one providing the material for comedic relief my dear."

Belina mockingly narrowed her eyes. "Well...I'm not trying to. You just watch it, one of these days your going to slip up and then I'll be able to get a joke in at you."
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