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Hey everyone!

When can we expect the full version?
The full game will not be out for sometime. It takes time


I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback.
I can only respond to the non spoilers here...

With the dialogue- we plan to add more PC choices but since you are a padawan with your Jedi master can't go all evil..just be a jerk. This is done on purpose so when later...when you have the options to be the dark Jedi can feel a difference and change... just as the Character is feeling the freedom so does the Player...

Dialogue will be fix and updated.

Giving the player credits is just to give you starting money since it felt natural the player would have some cash on them verses making the player steal their first blank # of credits.

The NPC's names will be continued except NPCs like general soldiers... but we will look for ways to make sure you can tell who is a merchant from just looking over the landscape of the city.

Technical bugs-

I'm going to look into a few of them but I know some of them are caused where you didn't have all the party members active in the scene.

This is something that i assumed players would not remove them and run around with just one of them or alone....options are to either lock it so you can not remove them or add to read me to keep all party members active or dialogue scenes might not work -causing bugs.

But some of the other ones which are not dlg related..I will look into those

In Act1 this is not an issue as much since the dialogues are created and seen as if the player might have different NPCs so they are designed different.


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