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"There's a broadcast system set up in the throne room. Under the circumstances, that would have to be the best way to address the people."

Tonatius watched Kalla without betraying his concern as they made their way out. Once the King spoke of the broadcast system, he had a thought, "We could still use it couldn't we? Alert the people that their king is free and ready to stand by them?"


"Well...I'm not trying to. You just watch it, one of these days your going to slip up and then I'll be able to get a joke in at you."

Tavaryn replied, "You already did. With my name."

When the lift signaled their level, he stepped out and held out a hand to Alriana. He gave one of his more charming smiles as he adressed her, "May I have the pleasure milady?"


"She might be able to do that. I like to think that his time among us has softend Garja's heart a bit since his time with the Empire."

"You never know. I've seen harder men fall at the sight of a child," Jun-la replied.

"So tell me...has she been looking forward to seeing tavaryn?"

Kaillian bounced up and down on Belina's lap as she repeated, "Tavy coming!"

Jun-la laughed a little at her daughter's excitement. She then answered Belina's question, "Up until now, she had never met him. Just my brother and father. She hasn't even seen my father's sister yet."

Jun-la then observed her daughter watching the door. She looked like a little puppy waiting for a treat. She then added, "I think she knew he was family the minute she started showing signs of her powers. So I can say that she is looking forward to meeting him."

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