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The kolto tank thing I was kind of expecting, I just didn't get why they had them, if they knew no one survived. As soon as you said "politics" it all started making sense.
Ah, The scene with Drayen now makes sense to me too. the "wavy dlg effect" you mentioned I either didn't notice because I wasn't paying attention or my stupid computer doesn't let me go over 2x resolution.
(Side note: Although my mind must contain the full schematics of a Republic starship, because I was able to get out of the room and explore the ship. Then again, I'm a Kalzerian, so not too many people know much about us. )

EDIT: The republic starship thing you might want to fix, not only because there's no way you could know the full way around one of the levels, but also because it's the Harbinger, and the map is still labeled with the TSL markings.

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