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"I'm glad she's finally going to meet him. But I hope she comes soon so the two of them can finally meet. I don't think Kaillian can wait much longer."

Kaillian bounced up and down some more and said, "Alri and Tavy!" She then grabbed Belina in a hug and squeezed.

Jun-la laughed as her daughter took to 'strangling' Belina. She said, "I think all this excitment will make it easier later this evening."

"I just remembered, I didn't grab anything for Kaillian...did you happen to grab a toy or something for her?"

Tavaryn gave a wry grin and replied, "Well you did grab a toy for Kaillian. Me."

Before he said anything else he tapped on the door to his niece's quarters and was given the signal to go on in. Once inside he greeted everyone but was interrupted when something collided with his legs. Looking down he saw an ecstatic two year old girl trying to climb up his body. Laughing he helped her up and said, "Well I certainly wasn't expecting that."

"Tavy!" Kaillian cried and grabbed him tight around the neck.

Tavaryn turned to look at Alriana and said, "See what I mean? I am the toy." Kaillian just giggled and she continued to squeeze Tavaryn in a tight embrace.


"What I need from you is to deal with that Sith Lord. Others will help me reach my goal."

Tonatius gave a wry grin. "Hunting Sith Lords does make the day seem a whole lot better." He looked around to make sure that they were secure from the enemy. He then said, "Alright so we take care of the Sith Lord and you make your announcement. Anything else we shoudl know about?"

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