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Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
So this is all fanfic for your "Silent Council", not just y'all trying to make videos of the timeline entries BioWare hasn't gotten to yet? Shame, my interest just dropped a lot.
I understand your concern, and the intent for the series in not to have just a fanfic for the silent council... although we do have a narrative to tell. The majority of archive entries planned are completely lore based and we intend to try and cover the areas of Sith lore that have been missed. Future entries are on a wide variety of subjects and cover periods of time from Dathka Graush the original sith king all the way up to events in Darth Malgus life prior to his venturing into the unknown regions.

Since we do not want to rewrite the actions of canon Sith characters, we created our own to tell the Sith history from their perspective. Once we can familiarize ourselves with the narrative in SW:TOR after launch, we will continue the series by focusing on creating lore entries about the events Bioware has added to the timeline.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to the post and while it's unfortunate that you're not interested in what we are working on, I appreciate that you at least checked it out and shared your thoughts about it.
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