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Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
Wasn't Adas the original Sith King? Graush came after Adas. And Malgus went into the Unknown Regions? Thought that was Revan.
Good catch on the adas part...that's what I get for typing a response without checking the source material... the archivist is gonna be mad at me!

According to Bioware, Malgus "led military expeditions into the Unknown Regions, claiming new territories and furthering the influence of the Empire as a whole", so it looks like he ventured in Revan's footsteps sometime after the events of Decieved.

Thanks for the input! we've definitely got plans to do something on Exar Kun. The idea for the Emperor piece is cool too but since he's a big part of the lore of the game, until we know more about him specifically, I wouldn't want to end up with contradicting narratives.

As for sticking around and posting, while I am new to these forums and my first post was about a project that I was working on, I fully intend on starting to partake in the community discussions here.

Thanks for responding and I look forward to seeing you around the forums.
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