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"This is Admiral Garja to the Freedom. If I may ask what are you scanning for?"

Before answering Garja, Lysandra opened a secure channel to an implant behind Kavrik's right ear. "Kav, the Akbar is pretty sophisticated. They detected my scan, though they were not able to determine its purpose."

"Well, you're in an older ship," Kavrik reasoned. "Makes sense they'd catch it. Tell them what it's doing and why I want it. Then offer to cancel if they'd prefer to give me the information the old-fashioned way." A beat. "And tell them I've left the Freedom and want to know where they want me to meet them."

Satisfied, Lysandra opened a channel to Garja. "Certainly," she told him. "I am running a scan on request of my captain. First pass will confirm your crew count. Second pass will determine number of Force-sensitives. Third pass will detect which of these has had basic training. Fourth pass will single out how many have received extensive training."

After a brief pause, she went on, "I expect you'll be asking next what the hell Kavrik Zall needs with such a report, and I am authorized to tell you. He's a very unusual man. Force-sensitives can tell. He wants to be aware of them so he can set them at ease when they become uncomfortable by his presence.

"If however you prefer to introduce him to your Jedi face-to-face and deal with their discomfort in one fell swoop, I can and will terminate this scan immediately upon your request. Also, Captain Zall is standing just outside the Freedom now and he's asking where you want him to meet you."

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