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[TSL] stuck on Smugglers moon

My mods:

Force Fashion II
Kreia's robes
some head reskins
Ultimate Saber Mod

My Problem: Done everything quest-wise i can do here and on previous 3 planets, all finished out except the ongoing quests like lost jedi etc. About 1/2way done the Pilot runs into the Ebon Hawke and is captured by the Slavers. There is a small cutscene where Kreia is invisible and whacks the Desciple by the Galaxy map then lets the player know something is wrong and should hurry back. So i did.. killed the slavers and the boss in the security room. Crew takes off. Now its just me. If i get a party member they spawn, otherwise the Ebon Hawke is deserted, cargo area's locked tight and acts like a playable area instead of a standard crew interaction area. Also every few times changing zones, the cockpit cutscene replays except now there is 2 Kreia's, and 2 Disciples.. one being on the floor already. Still remains deserted and playable. Is there any way around this or will i have to start over?

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