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Need help on getting Wotor to work! Please? :)

Help me, dear Forumites, you're my only hope...
I'm playing with the German version of Kotor and i tried installing Weapons of the Old Republic. When I launch my savegame, the weapons are unchanged. I can cheat some of them in, (e.g. Ordo's Blaster) but others aren't even added when I try to add them via console (most notably, Carth's blaster).

I've also tried renaming some of the files from the mod, e.g.: w_HvRptBltr_201.mdx --> w_HvRptBltr_001.mdx and I saw that the model was added, although untextured. Is it possible, that the models don't get overwritten because they use such strange numbers??

I'm not running any other mods beside that. Has someone ever encountered the same problem? I'd really like to play with this mod, hope you can help me!

Thank you all
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