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Ok, so here's a rough outline of how the wearables are going to look once I'm done:

- Master Robes = Unchanged open crotch versions, all relatively new reskins, svosh collar included hopefully
- Jedi Robes = Movie Master Robes, new reskins pour moi

(There's gonna be a glut of robes placed in-game since I've reskinned for the movie master models and default jedi master models as sets, and there are eight Jal Shey replacements. That means I'll have like fifty textures to play with total so I'm gonna be overhauling all the robes in the game with juicy retextured replacements. I'll try to fit as many in as I can without being ridiculous.)

- Jal Shey Robes = Maurader Class tunics, RGB+90sk
- F light armors now featuring metallic shine.
- G heavy armors polished up nicely.
- H heavy armors polished and several added, as previously featured.
- Flight armors replaced with full body suits pictured previously.
- Other light armor polishes will be present but not that many.

- I'm including my overhaul of the armor icon system naturally since by now its the staple of the mod in all three versions.

I don't have any pictures because I broke the feature in my janky K2 setup on my laptop, so it may be a while before I can provide anything reasonable as proof that this stuff is actually getting done because they just won't take.

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