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The Coruscant Entertainment Center

Attack and Defense

TOR Ongoing:The duel begins, but things are not right...

Usually, I loath the obvious. I hate it when I know what the next scene is going to be. When writer's surprise me it's more fun. Like the scene in Serenity when the Captain uses 'you wanna run this boat?' and Jayne says, 'hell yes', followed by the captain saying, 'well, you can't' is a perfect example.

From the instant Tamara began deciding what weapon her opponent would use I knew where it was headed, but I didn't dislike the scene. You had to show somewhere what effect the tainted crystals would have and you did splendidly. I even know what the next scene is going to be, but I am not disappointed by anything except the brevity of the scene.

Excellent work, and I look forward to the next section.

Hidden Stash

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk, no specific timeline: Beware Jolee's hidden stash...

Considering the warnings in the first few paragraphs, I had wondered what would occur when Mission added the tach glands. I had expected something like MotherMayhem's Licking Gizka, but that wasn't the case.

What we got instead was a relatively generic retelling of the confrontation on the Star Forge, and Carth greeting Saul Karath as old friends. The timeline dating above is obscure because I don't know if Revan was getting a Force vision, or just remembering it.

Corellia Twirl

Based on the Blue Side of the Force: There are ways to learn how to be graceful

The piece shows us another side of the Corellans and especially the one thing used oddly enough by both sports teams and firemen, the use of dance to teach proper motion to the practitioners.

Survivors Guilt

KOTOR during flight between Taris and Dantooine: Carth helps Mission deal with her survivor's guilt, and helps his own as well

This is a scene that would have fit well in the game, two secondary characters dealing with their problems, and helping them both to heal in the process.

Pick of the Week

Snapshot of a Gryphon
The Lemon Thrower

Post KOTOR: A child and a pet learn about life

The piece is not linked to the universe it is portrayed in, but it is a fun read with even the child learning from the experience.

Pick of the Week

Crystal Quest
The Lone Gunchick

Three Weeks Post KOTOR: The Jedi from the Ebon Hawk receive a new mission

Returning to Yavin IV to retrieve even more famous lightsaber crystals is a valid side quest timed well. The interplay between the masters and the Jedi being sent is also well done.

Dream of Stealth
Amme Moto

Five Years Post KOTOR: Revan and the Exile must find a medallion, unfortunately, Carth is there and as much as she wants to, Revan is afraid Carth will try to stop her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Revan comes across as a fumbling woman trying to avoid that one true love, and Carth is the love seeking missile that won't let her get away. There's enough backstory to know that some of the old crew of the Exile's has gotten together to assist Carth, and her feelings for him haven't changed.

Pick of the Week


Bastila Shan: Convictions, Prologue

Post KOTOR: Bastila seeks knowledge, especially how to explain her condition

This one sneaks up on you. A Dark Bastila is sometimes fun to read about, and having her be vindictive (Dislocating every joint in someone who treated her shabbily) then trying to figure out how to tell Revan he is going to be a father? Just too choice for words.

Pick of the Week

To Make Her Love Me

Pre KOTOR: After losing his jaw, Malak still wants Revan to love him

The piece is both poignant and disturbing. Poignant in that Malak has loved Revan for over a decade, but disturbing in that she can slice off his jaw, make him an object both of example and terror, but also have him willing and eager to portray that example.

Lost and Found

Post TSL: A final lesson given by Mical

The piece surprised me; having a young Jedi being trained by Mical of all people, and while they lost their battle still surviving. The ending is pure Jedi mind tricks, even as he dies, Mical has to teach that one final lesson.


Pre Mandalorian Wars: Two apprentices need to find privacy, but not for that...

It surprised me, honestly. First the wrestling style is probably based on Sumo (Which for a Westerner who doesn't understand it does look rather like a pair of guys twice your size trying to bitch-slap each other, or tear off their Fundoshi) and having to hide when they practice is understandable, considering that if one of them were female, all they are wearing is loincloths afer all. Then suddenly, as he main character pointed out, they were stuck in a bad romance novel. Too funny for words.

Pick of the Week

Men's Talk

KOTOR no specific time given: A drinking game goes awry...

Picture two men drinking, sharing their woes, then falling about as drunkards do. Then the reason for this drunken debacle. Then add that it it's Canderous and Carth getting blitzed, and you have a very good idea of what's happening.

The piece is funny and rambunctious, Carth losing it early because he doesn't have the Mando'a's implant, then his last statement. I understand why Carth is torn, and why Canderous thought it was funny.

Pick of the Week

Friendly Advice

KOTOR no specific place given: As Lena sets out for Dantooine, she tries to pass on lessons to another young Twi-Lek

It's interesting when you look at the world through the eyes of a secondary character. As much as Mission loathes the woman, and her own words in the game give you more back story, you get more from this simple story.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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