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Another bug in jamp.exe where you can't use the Alt + Enter combination to toggle fullscreen. This is intended behaviour, but Raven(?) used the wrong connection state again.

The function in question is MainWndProc (0x454880)
The code in question is:
    if ( com_r_fullscreen
      && cl_allowAltEnter
      && (cls_state == CA_DISCONNECTED || cls_state == CA_CONNECTED)
      && cl_allowAltEnter.integer) )
      Cvar_SetValue( "r_fullscreen", (com_r_fullscreen.integer == 0) );
CA_CONNECTED should actually be CA_ACTIVE ("game views should be displayed")
My fix, however, is slightly hacky but will allow the Alt + Enter combination on all connection states.
It still relies on cl_allowAltEnter being 1

UnlockMemory( 0x454B5A, 2 );
*(unsigned char *)0x454B5A = (unsigned char)0x90; //NOP opcode, skip over the instruction
*(unsigned char *)0x454B5B = (unsigned char)0x90; //NOP opcode, skip over the instruction
LockMemory( 0x454B5A, 2 );
No Mac fix as of yet. I am not sure if this is even applicable for Mac. I don't own one.

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