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Just for future reference, don't get impatient if someone doesn't answer your thread right away. Bumps are frowned upon here, anyway.

What you could do is just take the items straight out of the wotor files, change them a bit, and add them to your inventory. However this requires some modding skill.

You need to find the files for each weapon (.uti, .mdl, .mdx are the files you need to change. There will be a .tga and maybe a .txi too, but no need to fiddle with those). Open the .uti in kotor tool and change the fields "model variation", "tag", and "resref" to something new. Change the name of the file to match the tag and resref. Then change the numbers in the .mdl and .mdx to match the numbers you put in the "model variation" column. Whoosh... a new item! Cheat it into your inventory.

I won't go into much detail because there are a few good .uti tuts in the tutorials section, so check them out! Good luck

EDIT: Actually I guess you might not have to go through all that renaming crap. If you just find the files I mentioned in the .zip file for the mod, you should be set to just add those yourself. Could be wrong though... only do the above as a last resort!

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