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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump my own thread. But I thought it would look silly to edit my own post after a day
Well, I tried editing the uti files with Kotor Tool's GFF Editor but mostly to no avail. But I've resolved one of my problems on my own... It's pretty logical that Bendak Starkiller's pistol doesn't function properly: It wasn't altered at all in this mod -.- But I thought that it was included because of the included file g_w_blstrpstl005.uti which is the ID of Bendaks blaster... But it isn't stated anywhere that his blaster got changed aswell, so I figure it was my fault... ARGH!

Dak, thank you very much for your reply! Do you have a solution at hand on how I could change the description of the new items to german? I figure it must be under the Description tab. But not even the english description is visible ingame.. Is there another value I must change? As i said before, some added items do have an icon but no name and no description
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