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You are missing the point of what is happening here, Rindy.

Your game is hopelessly confused by your *not* having started a new play-through with the installation of this mod. KotOR games have a "memory", in that modules that have been loaded and had some variables changed stay in exactly that state, and no mod installation can change that once it is done. What happens as a result is that your appearance.2da file is getting confused all the time, because the mod expect's Bendak's Blaster to be g_w_blstrpstl005.uti but that designation was already loaded in to the game in your earlier, pre-WotOR installation playthrough for the original item. Nothing is going to work right. You can spend hours and hours and hours seeking out the problems and trying to do tedious fixes for each and every one of them.... or you could spend an hour and a half and just replay Taris.

Long story short waaaaaaaaay too late: If you want to enjoy WotOR in it's best possible light, start a brand-new playthrough. I would go further and archive my override, put a new empty one in my swkotor folder, and either re-install KotOR or re-install the mod.

PS: You are only "bumping" your own thread when you make multiple posts back to back that carry no new information or are simply a repeating restatement of the original post in the string. You are perfectly allowed to make a new post to respond to another's post in your thread.

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