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Just a quick question: Does that mean i cannot use the mod _at all_ with my current savegame? As stated, I'm on Dantooine. Will I see the new models from here on (e.g. Juhani's sword) or is my "appearance.2da" file so effed-up that it won't load ANY models from now on?
I ask because I've managed to add Zaalbar's bowcaster now with the correct german description and gotten it to work properly.*

I'm actually really proud of myself that I've come this far
But I've thought about getting an English version of Kotor and replaying it. It's just.... I've spent nearly 12 hrs on Taris -.-

*For whom it may concern: I've changed the DescIdentified and LocalizedName string of the g_w_bowcastr003.uti in K-GFF-Editor. WotoR's files had a string value of -1, the original unaltered .uti had string of 41795 and 41796 respectively. It now shows the correct german description of the item.

EDIT: According to filefront there are two patches for WotoR. Are they necessary or are they already included in WotoR 1.1 (the version I've downloaded)??

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