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From time to time I do. Like in all things in life, Star Wars gets on your nerves after a while (which, obviously, varies from individual to individual) and you need a moment to rest. At the moment I'm lukewarm about SW in general. TOR and the book Revan are the only things Star Wars coming that pique my interest and even so I'm not to big on the former.

I suppose the dubious quality of much that is released in the expanded universe (and I mean everything, from books to games) also helps breeds this tired feeling. It's not only my opinion as the popular reception for a lot of material that came recently has been mixed at best.

Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post
I would like it if the series ventured away from the constant emphasis of Jedi and Sith and on to some of the other groups out there, and this can include rather ordinary individuals. I often feel like this is something that the producers and writers often fall back on and have done so far too many times IMO. That and the rehashing of the same old characters. I think the pre-CW has an advantage over CW, GCW and post-GCW in this regard, since (IMO) it's been all about the Skywalkers and Solos. May they fade into anonymity and carry on their family lines there.
Yes, agreed. This was exactly why the live action TV series interests me so much, if it ever happens. Not a single Skywalker ever had a calm they on their lives and that feeling is somehow upsetting.

Originally Posted by Klw View Post
3. Fair point. I guess what I really mean to say is that the battles of the Clone Wars were just "side effects" of the Emperor's conspiracy, which is the real story. The prequel trilogy, on the other hand, is the real story. The prequel trilogy is consequential - everything that happens leads to something later on. The individual battles of the Clone Wars are inconsequential - it doesn't matter who wins them because both sides are just being played against each other. That's why I'd rather see another Episode than hear about what happened in the Clone Wars.
Well, that's the entire plot, as you said, of the prequels from AotC and I think it's fine enough, really. A huge plot twist Lucas planned that worked better on paper than in fact. I believe it would have worked much better under a different director or as book.

As much as we knew the events of the prequels, including the whole war, seeing how it unfolded was the real magic behind it. No one that watched the OT and went to see the new movies thought otherwise, I'm sure. It's just like if you're an history aficcionado: you know who won WWII but you still want to see how it ever happened, where it took place, who fought and was decisive on it and so on.

I wouldn't blame, thus, the apparent vacuity of showing the Clone Wars on the fact we know what would happen eventually. It's more of an execution flaw.


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