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I did not do a cheat. As soon as I saw Drayen, I paused, turned the camera, unpaused, clicked on the door and ran away. Drayen only makes a move to follow me if I come back to where I started, which I eventually have to, because other than a few broken items, components, and chemicals, there is nothing to do/collect on the ship.

I recently found yet another problem related to the get-out-and-explore-Harbinger thing, I can do the same thing with the scene with Nindo, Kaila, and Uldir. That's a bigger problem, because if somebody does it, they will not get Kaila or Nindo in their party, as it will automatically trigger the end of the Demo. (Not sure what it will do in the full game, but just to be safe, maybe make the scene trigger inhumanly fast, so there is no chance to do that.)

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