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"She would love it but I think she would rather play with people."

Belina chuckled as she watched kaillian manage to escape Tavaryn's grip and manage to get a grip on Alriana

"Tavy wov you."

Alriana couldn't help but laugh at what Kaillian had said. "Yes I know he loves me." She said to Kaillian and then she looked over at Jun-la and smiled. "I wonder how she figured that out." She said jokingly

"Well that's everything. I'm guessing you all are hungry?"

Both Alriana and Belina looked over at Matton and nodded. "I must admit I'm getting a bit hungry." Belina said. Alriana looked at the table and smiled. "I'll admit that I'm hungry." She said as she gave a mock warning look at Tavaryn as if daring him to make a joke.

Garja pressed the open button on the lift as it arrived on the deck that the conference room was on and quickly walked towards the door before pressing the open switch.

He walked in and nodded at Kavrik as he sat down in one of the chairs facing him.

"I am Admiral Garja, formally of the Imperial Fleet and second in command of the Resistance forces. If you wish to, you may use whatever resources we have to repair or resupply your ship. I'm sorry that Admiral Belina isn't here but I will relay any questions that you have to her as soon as I can. She will most likely will meet with you in the morning."

"Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them."
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