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Skills screwed up???

So...I'm new to the PC version. And this mod (a cheater mod basically, that I accidentally let through) screwed up my skills.2da file, allowing all classes to use all skills. (The modder clearly didn't know D&D.)

I extracted the skills.2da from the .2da bif file that should contain the standard game .2da for skills, and who can use what.

My only thing is...were the developers messed up in the head when they did this? Half of these skill options very very wrong.

Maybe the install .2da is messed up. But to me, the classes that get the skills as Class skills, just don't make any sense.

As I see it, the classes are meant to be along these lines:
Soldier / Jedi Guardian - The Melee character, low Force powers.
Scout / Jedi Sentinel - The Average Character
Scoundrel / Jedi Consular (ie, Politician? xD) - The Stealth/Diplomacy character.

My problem is, a lot of these skills are given to a class differing from the basic class.

I will go through each skill and show what it reads as in the .2da.

[Computer Use]
In the base classes, only a Scout is capable of using this.
In the Jedi classes....a Consular gets this, but not a Sentinel.

Apparently, all base classes get this.
But for Jedi...the Politician(Consular), not the Guardian, gets this.

Only the Scoundrel gets this, thankfully.
But no Jedi receives this. And given that in the movies, Obi-Wan was a Consular (at least he had the green saber) used stealthy actions in the first Death Star.

Scouts get this.
Once again, instead of Sentinels, the natural Scout progression, this is dumped in the Consular, who is seemingly more like the "Mary-Sue" jedi, in getting a pile of skills from other classes.

Scoundrel gets it, which is correct, for the most part.
But no Jedi has this. my .2da messed up, or were these rather poor choices actually built into the game?

For the most part, I could have only Soldiers/Scoundrels capable of playing with explosives/mines. As far as the Jedi, Scoundrel skills should transfer over to the Consular. They are meant to be similar in nature, so why take away their protection??

I don't want to make it seem as cheating. I would just rather each class be unique, so a Soldier/Guardian, Scout/Sentinel, and Scoundrel/Consular, are different from one another. Rather than Jedi training just dumping a lot of extra stuff on the class and coddling it.
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