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Actually, no.

The cheater mod was never installed.
Apparently this skills.2da comes from the K1 Force Pack, to add new Force Powers. And I believe the creator made the mistake of using the wrong .2da.

The only thing it mentions about skills is this:
- Rebalance the different Jedi classes to better distinguish them. Consulars get the most Force powers and Force points, Guardians get the most feats and health points, and Sentinels get the most skills and saving throws.

And that is talking about skill points, not class skills. The class skills thing could have come from somewhere else.

But moving on. The changes I listed above, are actually NOT from this mod. They are the lines taken from the normal skills.2da, extracted from the .bif. Which means it's how the developers actually created it.

The multi-class part is what threw me on this. D&D is what I adhere to mostly, and I see this engine as an extension of that. So my natural inclination is to go the D&D route. In which you only get a classes' skill when you level up that class. ((ie, become a jedi and you can only use Jedi class skills.)

But thanks for clearing that up. I'm changing the skills.2da back to the standard version and putting that into the save part on my restructured copy of the mod, so it won't happen again. (I took all my mods and refitted them to work with Mod Manager, with multiple mods grouped together to save space.)
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