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Already on that path.

1) There was a mod I found that was to let you have more options. But it was the cheater mod. And I shy away from that. I like options, not blatant cheating.

So I built my own Feat mod.
Soldiers lost Power Attack and Power Blast, and got 2 bonus feats at creation. (I may alter it to be a bonus feat at level 4 and one more at level 8. To spread it out more.)

Scouts lose Flurry and Rapid Shot, as well as Medium Armor, and get 3 bonus feats.

And Scoundrels lose Critical Strike and Sniper Shot, and get 2 bonus points.

This was primarily to allow you to better create a character you WANT. I understand them giving those options. They fit the class. Which is fine. But I don't go Melee and Ranged with a character. It seems like a useless way to do things. I'd prefer the option of choosing for myself.

So with this, I can take 1 feat to select a melee option or a ranged option. And the other can further me on the path to melee/ranged.

2) Ferc Kast's Playable Twi'lek wouldn't work me. I finally got it going, and I altered the underwear model for PC females to have blue skin. To fit in better.

I have his permission to use the textures in an expansion on playable Twi'leks. The plan is to work on one for each of these colors: Green, Yellow, Purple, Black, and White. Using Ferc's DS transition for each, and maybe a custom LS one if I can get some tats worked out.

3) I got a mod adding colored crystals. I edited the shop on Yavin (At least I'm pretty sure that's where it is.) to sell the crystals. I may broaden that to the one on Dantooine as well.

But I'd like to add new enhancement crystals for Lightsabers. To add more customization options.

4) Lastly, I'm a bit miffed on Lightsabers in general. The general consensus I've found is that 2 'sabers are the best for damage output, due to having more crystals in usage. A double 'saber is good for damage in a per hit basis, but less overall. And a single 'saber is essentially useless.

I'd like to modify the Dueling feats to improve that. To make a 1-saber Jedi as viable to play as a 2-saber one.

I was thinking of leaving the Attack setup at +1/2/3, but increasing Defense to +2/4/6 (I'm not sure if this is too high though.)

I was also considering a bonus to blaster deflection, and a small Strength increase. (Because, in theory, you could use both hands to swing one saber, and have more power behind the blow.

In all...maybe like this:

Attack: +1 / +2 / +3
Defense: +2 / +4 / +6
Strength: +1 / +2 / +3
Blaster Deflection: +0 / +1 / +2

That's not too overpowered, is it? I just want it setup where, via the Dueling feats, a Jedi with 1 lightsaber is as fun as a Jedi with 2 lightsabers.

((Oh, on one side note, I was also looking into creating a male "cyborg" character. Like a Borg on Star Trek. Not in appearance or attitude, so much as a humanoid character, probably a droid head, that was capable of using the Force and lightsabers.))

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