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Ok fine.. Mike Meyers.. Is that better?? He did Shrek.. Mel Gibson has also done some voice acting.. But seriously.. A number of big name actors worked on the Shrek movies..

Cast overview, first billed only:
Mike Myers ... Shrek (voice)
Eddie Murphy ... Donkey (voice)
Cameron Diaz ... Princess Fiona (voice)
John Lithgow ... Lord Farquaad (voice)

Shrek cost $60 million to make.. Even with those big names doing the voices..

So seriously.. I question how much this game costs to make.. I feel I have ample reason to.. If you don't that is fine.. But nit picking to prove your point doesn't prove anything.. Mel Gibson isn't a voice actor.. Seriously?? Come on now..

You also don't have to lecture me on how games are made or how MMO's are made.. As I said, I have been a part of making a lot of them.. If you want to think it is this grand complicated process that costs $100 million dollars.. Then go ahead.. While I am not saying that all of it is simple.. It isn't that hard either.. Most of the textures being used are being reused from Kotor and Kotor2.. Much of the code being used is from those games.. The engine being used is simply an upgrade.. Heck some of the animations being used came from those games.. Even the light side dark side mechanic came from KOTOR and isn't new.. Much of this game was written when they made Kotor.. There is a video of them making Corscant, if you watch it, it is mostly cut and paste or copy and paste.. Seriously watch it..

Sure.. Making the quests work and the stories will take some effort.. As will the scripting and the voice acting to match events.. But not $100+ million worth.. Again not even when they aren't using big name actors for characters.. Look at Shrek, Totally digital and still came in at $60 million to make..

Christ!! I am entitled to my opinions.. You don't have to like them or agree with them..

Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
Never heard of Chris Hayden.
My bad.. Hayden Christensen

I always get his name confused.. I was close.. Sorta.. Played Anakin Slywalker in Ep2 and Ep 3..

Natalie Portman would be a big name too.. Her name is correct..

You right about the circles thing.. But to me a big name actor is someone that everyone for the most part has heard of.. Eddie Murphy.. Anyone that is at least in their 20's or 30's has at least heard of him.. The last time I watched anything Anime was Speed Racer in the 70's.. In a time where anime wasn't really all that popular..

You can go through pretty much all of the Disney Pixar movies and see a list of Who's who in Hollywood doing voice acting.. Paul Newman did a voice in the movie Cars.. Pretty much everyone has done a voice or two.. Tony Shalhoub?? Know who he is?? Remember the TV show called Monk?? Well he also did a voice in Cars..

The Budget for Cars by the way was $120 million.. But if you look at the voice cast, a lot of big names.. Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Tony Shalhoub, Michael Keaton, and many others.. Again an all digital movie..

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Of course, if it was as easy as you like to suggest, I'd be making my own indie-RPGs right now instead of typing these posts lol.
I never suggested it was easy.. I said it wasn't $100+ million dollars hard.. There is a difference.. I also said that it isn't as hard as some of you think.. But then again you can think what you want..

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