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There's a mod that removes all pre-set feats at character creation and gives them as free feat slots for the player to choose, i think that's a better way as i find your feat allocation arbitrary.
Tried it. Didn't work.

And it's not -arbitrary-, it's saving a wasted feat. I'm not sure many people go through this game with characters that do both melee and ranged attacking. For the most part, it seems like a waste of time.

I stripped those -arbitrary- feats, as you call them, for a specific reason. They are basically the same feat, mirrored to be for Ranged or Melee. And it is unnecessary to have both of them on the same character.

So by removing them, and adding it as two bonus feats, it gives the option of CHOOSING what you want. If I'm starting as a Scoundrel, and I want her to be ranged, I have no use for Critical Strike. So, I can use my two bonus feats to retake Sniper Shot, and then I have the option of taking Rapid Shot, or Power Blast, or some other feat, if I like.

If I want a strictly melee Soldier, I have no need for Power Blast, for the same reasoning. Flurry or Critical Strike are MUCH more useful.

About skills, i don't personally care much about pre-made background sets for classes, imo, classes should distinguish from each other in the way they progress (unique bonus feats, amount of skill, force, and hit points, number of feats, attack bonus, etc) and not for some arbitrary class-skill allocation to fit a broad, generic class archetype, especially considering how few classes there are in the game (for instance, why couldn't there be a soldier with good computer knowledge? granted, he will not be as good competing with a scoundrel with the same dedication to computing knowledge, giving that the scoundrel gains way more skill points to put on it, but still, why couldn't there be?).
Maybe you don't understand D&D? Class skills are meant to represent the training one typically undergoes in a specific field.

If you remove cross-class skills, you get a lot of bland characters. There are simply NOT enough unique things for a class to even consider that with KotoR.

While I agree that the classes need to be more unique, removing class skills is a step -backwards- in that goal. Not forwards. All that is going to do is make the classes more useless.

Cross-Class skills are an essential part of D&D. If you take that away, what exactly is the point in playing a Scout or Scoundrel? All you need to do is jack up your INT to get more skill points as a Soldier.

Then you have the perfect Mary-Sue character. High HP, best Armor, any skill in the game (which is pointless to have, the NPCs that join you help to cover those other skills that your character lacks.)

That's the point of the game, anyways. Working -with- your team to accomplish things.
Mission covers Stealth, if you wanna play a Scout or Soldier.
T3-M4 covers Security, if you play Sct/Sld, and Computer Use if you play Scoundrel/Soldier.

Persuasion and Repair are the only real feats your character needs to have during the entire game. The first for the many dialogs where you can persuade people to give you more money, and the second for HK-47. And those are OPTIONAL. That's why Soldiers and Scouts do not get Persuasion.

If you want to drastically alter a character from the training of their class, do it. Instead of wanting it to happen easily and instantly, understand the cross-skill mechanic and learn that it takes time and effort for some to do what others find more easily.

As it is, there shouldn't be any cross-class skill stuff, or at the very least there should be feats that allow conversion from cross-class to class skills (although with the few feats in total gained by some classes due to the low level cap, and the little usefulness of most skills throughout the game
There is in KotoR II, as I recall. Maybe you'd be happier with it.
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