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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
O.M.G. want. now.

Released demo in it's entirety (3 part).
Some (a lot of) things old, BUT some things new (at least for me some things were.. hehe)

@stoffe, Giant Spider warning on part 2 starting at 1:30
Hmmm, SciFi-ish interface in Skyrim too? Looks a bit out of place. But then I don't have high hopes for a good UI in that game anyway since it seems to be made for gamepad navigation and not mouse/keyboard.

Spiders... urgh. I don't understand why game devs insist on placing giant spider creatures in Fantasy RPGs (TES3:Morrowind being the refreshing exception). Not only does a fair number of people suffer from arachnophobia and it can completely ruin the game for those (until someone makes a mod removing the spiders), it also looks completely unrealistic. But I guess it's one of those "Tolkien did it so it's mandatory" things. Like elves.

Other than that the game looks very pretty. I hope with "handcrafted dungeons" it means they've done away with the tons of nondescript carbon copied mines/caves/ruins with absolutely nothing of interest within that littered the previous two Elder Scrolls games, and it's not just an exception of the rule.

The dragons look impressive (if a bit dumb, why land when fighting a creature incapable of flight who's armed with a melee weapon?). Pretty environments, though I hope there will be more than just snow and rock. Would get a bit dull after a while. Nice that you can dual-wield weapons as well.

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