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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
That... and I never once touched any of your posts ever
I am sorry for wrongfully accusing you of editng my post.. In either case, my posts were not against the rules and should not have been edited..

So it will be noted.. No other forum has had issues with multiple posts to different people.. Multiple posts to the same person yes.. But not different people..

I don't wish to get into another arguement about this.. But this is not a common and well known rule by any stretch of the imagination.. Still it isn't listed in your posting rules and therefore does not exist.. Despite what some others say.. I have been posting in forums since forums first started.. Back when AOL was the ISP of choice.. Well.. At least it was to some.. This has never come up before now..

Again I am sorry for wrongfully accusing you.. My bad..

As for the rest?? I have been a beta tester for about 15 years.. Worked on the first versions of Direct X for Microsoft for Win95.. Worked hand in hand with countless gaming manufactures in testing their games for compatibility for Direct X.. Worked with hardware manurfactures when it came to writing drivers for Direct X.. I am now retired, but still enjoy gaming and beta testing.. I beta tested Cataclysm for WOW and now currently SWTOR for BW and EA and Lucas Arts.. As well as many other MMO's both past and present.. But making games is pretty much the same no matter what they are.. The mechanics are different of course, but world creation is almost the same.. Due to NDA's I really can't go into any more details.. Except to say what has already been released..

I am surprised at the stated cost for GTA.. But if that is how much they cost now.. Wow.. I still think the CEO has rocks in his head.. But that is me.. Again, I am entitled to my opinons..

As for the rest of you.. You are also entitled to your own opinions and your own math.. Again.. We all are entitled to our own opinions..

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