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Originally Posted by MajikMyst View Post
I am sorry for wrongfully accusing you of editng my post.. In either case, my posts were not against the rules and should not have been edited..
You posted three times within the space of less than an hour, when no-one else had replied. I'm sorry you feel that your posts should not have been edited, but you could have easily amended your posts by using the 'edit' button, hence me merging them for the reasons Hallucination mentioned.

Originally Posted by MajikMyst
]I don't wish to get into another arguement about this.. But this is not a common and well known rule by any stretch of the imagination.. Still it isn't listed in your posting rules and therefore does not exist.. Despite what some others say.. I have been posting in forums since forums first started.. Back when AOL was the ISP of choice.. Well.. At least it was to some.. This has never come up before now..
That might be an oversight on our part, in thinking that people would rather use the 'edit' function instead of amending a post that is less than an hour old, but to say this rule is uncommon on many forums is wrong.

You can think it's 'BS', so by all means carry on posting multiple times when it's not necessary and only serves to clutter up the thread, and I'll keep merging them to make it easier for other readers to follow.

That's all I'm going to say on the matter, please let's keep this on topic from now on.
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