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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Yeah... if there was only some way Quanon could get it in-game and working... sigh...

IF..... ONLY..... QUANON..... COULD..... GET...... IT...... WORKING..... IN-GAME.......


Hey it worked on Sithspecter :P

This makes me want to model an asari head.
Asari in Star Wars? Heresy!

Thanks for all the positive feedback people; really appriciate it
Getting this is area into the game isn't going to happen just yet. I think I'm about 80% done with the texturing. There's just a lot of little borders, odd bits and bobs that need attention. Fiddly, somewhat more boring work.

Then I need to dress up the area further. It's far to clean to be Nar Shaddaa. I'll add extra lamp posts; crates, weird machines; commercial signs...etc.

Good news is, I've got a bunch of models for that already on my HD. They just need some retexturing to fit. Then placing them around. After that, it'll be the crazy job of making a working walkmesh. Getting each piece of this model into the game.

But, let's not get to far ahead. Today I finished up a blank spot in my area. Then proceeded to texture it in one go. And for funs I've made a couple of shots to show it off
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