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"Tavy tease Alri."

Alriana stared at Tavaryn with a mock death glare. "Yes. He does like to tease me." she said as Tavaryn kissed her on the cheek and smiled at her. "I'll deal with him later." She said with a large smile on her face. She knew that if she was going to reveal the news soon she would have to wait for the right opportunity to reveal itself.

"Tea anyone?"

Belina raised her hand. "I'll take some."

Sith Vessel Fury

Darth Corial stared out at the endless reaches of space, he was lost in thought as he thought of his new ability. He knew how to locate the Galactic Resistance flagship through the force sensative minds on it. He wouldn't be able to find it if they left on a shuttle or something like that but right now he knew they were on the flagship.

This was a unique opportunity to finally get rid of Supreme Commander Belina and Grand Admiral Velerc. He already had an assassin aboard the Death's Head. It would be a simple matter to have him somehow get aboard the Ackbar and kill the supreme commander.

"Open a secure line to our agent aboard the Death's Head. inform him that Darth Corial would like a word with him."
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