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^ Spaceman armors are already pending release on kotorfiles, there's only so much I can do for that armor model as it is fairly low resolution, I used the flight suit slot and have four colorful variants so hopefully that'll be worth the timeframe I've put for its release. I do agree though that it could use work though I won't be updating it again for a while.

I should say with total respect that while I appreciate the praise for the robes as that mod is salvaged and finished by me, it is not my original work and should thus not be credited to me in such totality. Their owners will be credited in readme format same as all the other authors helping me with material contributions.

I'm working on install details right now, got two polished party members and all heavy armors, robes and M class armors accounted for and being polished. There are approximately 30 to replace the old 30, plus one perhaps that I think I added to the Onderon palace museum in the last mod, and also handmaiden's robe. still have to account for the added scenes NPCs merchants and placed custom item codes, so there's still a chance that there will be compatibility issues with this mod though I've written the instructions and layout to be plain as day and hopefully compatible with the TSLRCM which is my benchmark for compatibility. The brunt of files in this mod will be copy-type, while the scripts and dialog and merchants will probably still need to be install-type.

The heavy armors haven't really changed much since the last release. They're more or less in their final format, best ones pictures below + robe tease and Mandalore portrait.

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