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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
I'm sorry about that as well, but after all there's no way to prevent them from doing that. But also I think it doesn't really matter if people on eBay are making money off of them, or the online poster services do... only the latter ones have (probably) higher quality. To me the most important thing is to have these artworks get out there for people to enjoy.

And thanks so much again for going through the hassle of having it scanned I'm sure people appreciate it as much as I do!
Laserschwert exactly! I'm excited all the Grim Fans get to enjoy the poster. There was no way I could hold out too much longer without having everyone else enjoy it as well. Thanks again for you commitment to get all these great rare posters up for us. Its a thankless job but you are making many people happy! Cheers
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