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^^^No, the script is complete.

Now, I am at a loss as to what Agent Xim was wanting to do that you are trying to follow up on.... can you provide a link to what you are talking about?


Ok, so perhaps it was a mod that would allow you to *not* be a jedi, and instead keep your normal class for the whole game? I think, due to hardcoding and a great deal of scripts that require certain things of the PC at certain points of the game, that it would be near impossible to not multi-class your PC.

Just changing this script is simple enough though. The subroutine script sub1 is asking the global variable DAN_PATH_STATE what class you chose at the computer, whether guardian sentinel or consular. You would need to change the dialog and scripting for that computer console choice, adding a new value for DAN_PATH_STATE, perhaps we can call it intGLOB_157 (which would need to be declared in the variable list and given a value), and add that to the if/else tree here.

sub2 is a simple subroutine for adding some math derived XP to the PC.

The main script calls asking if the PC is not a Guardian AND is not a Sentinel AND is not a Consular. If this is the case, the PC is none of those things yet, then sub1 checks your choices, multi-classes you accordingly, then calls sub2 to dole out the XP bonuses.

So, there is what is going on in the script

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