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"Well I guess we better get started. Plus I think someone is too polite to admit that they are starving."

Alriana shot another mock glare at Tavaryn and was tempted to use the force to trip him up a bit but decided against it. It would set a bad example for Kaillian and she didn't want Jun-la mad at her.

I know you're planning something and I wonder what that is?

You'll find out. She sent back, keeping her emotions under control. She didn't want him finding out yet.

Imperial Flagship Death's Head

I want both the Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander Belina eliminated. Do you understand me?

The sith spy who had managed to infiltrate the Death's Head nodded once and then closed the channel before it could be traced. He turned towards the container where he had hidden his lightsaber and grabbed the lightsaber and hooked it to the inside of his uniform keeping it safetly hidden from view.

He had been looking forward to this day since he had managed to infiltrate the crew. At last...He could finally accomplish something that would cripple the galactic resistance.

He made sure the lightsaber was hidden from view before walking out the door of his cabin and headed for the bridge.
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