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Originally Posted by MajikMyst View Post
... As I said, I have been a part of making a lot of them.. If you want to think it is this grand complicated process that costs $100 million dollars. ... Most of the textures being used are being reused from Kotor and Kotor2.. Much of the code being used is from those games.. The engine being used is simply an upgrade.. Heck some of the animations being used came from those games.. ... Much of this game was written when they made Kotor..
I do not know you from a hole in the wall, so I will not question your past work experiences in the video game business, but I do question how much you actually know or have seen with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I have been following the game since the rumors first leaked in 2005, then again in late 2007, then registered on the forums in 2008 when the official website came out. I can tell you right now that you are absolutely 100% dead wrong about the animations bit I quoted, as well as the engine they use, and the textures. Number 1, the fact that KoTOR 2 was developed by a different company altogether means that Bioware has no rights to use any part of that game in SW:TOR.

Number 2, Back in 2008 the very first screenshots released did in fact use KoTOR 1 textures, they admitted that. But, the game has been in development for well over 4 years now, and the art department is amazing at Bioware; those textures are all brand new. Go to youtube and watch the swtor transformation video and you'll be able to clearly see the texture transformation from KoTOR1 to pure amazing.

Number 3, NONE of the animations used in SW:TOR are from KoTOR1. Those are all 100% choreographed - you can see that in the development series they did about animations in SW:TOR a few months back.

All in all, I think that you are seriously miscalculating the amount of time, effort, and capital that Bioware, LucasArts, and EA have put into this game. I do not believe a word that the CEO from BigPoint said, and I honestly think he just realizes BigPoints next "big" mmo will fail because of games like SW:TOR and Guild Wars 2 that are going to revolutionize the genre.

On Topic- (general statement not directed at anyone here)

If you can't afford $15/month when you have a full time job or career, then you need to re-assess your finances because you obviously have no idea how to budget properly. I can definitely speak on this considering I have 2 children that are both in daycare, a wife that goes to school (ie. no income from her) and I'm an E-4 in the military and I can still afford a measely $15/month for a game that I will only play once the kids are in bed for the night.

Also, Bioware has already stated that they do not like microtransactions in the game because it is unfair. One player with more real money than another player will ALWAYS have better gear and items because they can afford to spend more. That is not what they want. They want subscribtions because that places all players on the most even playing field possible.

Sorry for the long post but I had a lot to respond to.

Edit - Since I don't think it's too obvious from my post... I think that Bioware, LucasArts, and EA will make back ALL of their money that they spent developing the game plus much more. I do not have a single doubt in my mind that this game is going to be the single largest MMO ever! Like someone posted before me, imagine Star Wars Galaxies with a storyline, actual content, developed by Bioware, and tons of Jedi that actually make sense for the era the game takes place in.

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