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has anyone yet brought the Dawnstar-Mod from page 6 (romance for females) actually to work? I would really like to experience her romance, but I don't like to play males. I downloaded the compiled files (from post #216) and placed them into override, but the option "I'd rather see you smile." (or something like that - I play the german version), which I saw in a Youtube-Video (to check whether the mod works) doesn't appear.
I'm not experienced with modding of newer games so I hope someone here could tell me what to do.
Should I try and compile the text posted in #214 myself? If so, is there a tutorial anywhere over the internet which explains how?
Or could it be the point that I play the German version?
I would greatly appreciate any help; perhaps someone tried the same and accomplised it.

PS: Please excuse my bad English.
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