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Finally I found the MI-SE explorer. Sorry!
(Thanks benny btw.)

Opening the with audacity shows a selection window with different streams (recognizing them as Ogg Vorbis) and imports the selection as separate stereo tracks, which makes exporting very easy! (no need to edit)

The selection window looks something like this ...

Index[00] Version[0] Channels [2] Rate[44100]
Index[01] Version[0] Channels [2] Rate[44100]
Index[0f] Version[0] Channels [2] Rate[44100]

(The index numbers are hexa-decimal.)

(foobar won't play it. and eac3to "could not detect the format of the source file".)

I wish there was some way to really extract these streams without re-encoding or at least find out the quality setting. ♪♫ adventure game soundtracks
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