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I think there is one fundamental problem and it relates to a suitable storyline for a new game - where does Kyle's story go next? The Jedi Knight brand was first and foremost the story of Kyle's rise from mercenary to Jedi Master. Although we took control of Jaden in JA, Kyle's role was still central to the plot. Now that Jaden has completed his training, where does Kyle fit in? Or does the story progress and become that of Jaden Korr?

Don't get me wrong - I would love a new JK game. At the moment, however, the series has a whole host of mods, maps and the like that continue to keep things fresh. Although releases have slowed down dramatically (which after 8 years isn't a surprise) there is still enough interest in the games to keep them alive. I know I never tire of playing the games so that must be worth something.

Who knows? Maybe Lucasarts are busy trying to figure out the perfect story so as not to tarnish the brand that so many know and love, just like 3D Realms did with Duke Forever. Wait a minute...
Well JA finishes on a cliff hanger man, but SP never really bothered me, it was allways the multiplayer that i loved, the community, but i quit when it was at the end of its very slow painful death (about a year ago)

i really miss this game, so so much

how jedi clans would fight sith clans n stuff, clan wars where i would go into the rival clans server as boba fett and snipe their leaders off as a "lamer"

really loved doing assasinations as boba, or force fights as a sith

its this game that gave me my online name, started playing JO when i was nothing but a nipper, around 8 or 9, played till i was like 18 or some shizzle

this game was a huge part of my life and rather than wasting their time on silly single player force games they should let anyone play as anything they wanted, like in JA

it was the variety that kept JA the great game that it is, even in SP there was variety and customisation, really miss this game
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