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A little late to this thread, and this game....

And I am sure it has been mentioned here before

I like big boats and I cannot lie

Now, there have been a lot of puns and cheeseball stuff in this game, which I mostly like, but this took the cake for me.

EDIT: Ok, having become a little frustrated with certain aspects of the game, I decided to read through this thread a little more thoroughly. Most of my complaints are voiced here quite well, especially the repetitiveness factor, which to me is worse and less in-world "explainable" than Mass Effect.

My big beef though is this: Yes, this is an RPG. We should want to talk to our party members. Why are they scattered all over the place? Yes, nothing will ever be as cozy as the Ebon Hawk or the Normandy... but where did our little campground go? Oh yeah, we are stuck in a city.... how about rich ol' Hawke ponying up for a place for his homies to chill?

To talk to Fenris, Anders, Varric, Isabele, uh.... anyone, you have to go to that members favorite hang. Long walk to get to Anders - yeah.

Hack'n'slash, ridiculous variance in the difficulties of Boss Battles and in general combat (wow, these Bosses sure can spawn lackey's like nothing I have ever seen)...

If Hawke wasn't funny, I would hate this game. As it is, I cannot imagine playing it again. Pretty sad really.

Want to play a game of ME3MP?

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