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Help! Blu-Ray Stuttering - Hardware Acceleration Not Working?

Sorry to do this (again), but I'm in need of tech support. Here's the deal:

Hey guys, I have an HTPC with a Core2Quad Q9400, 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM, a Radeon HD 6850, and a 1.5TB 7200RPM HDD.

Facing a problem now. I just bought the Star Wars Blu-Rays (all six). Was going through them just to check 'em out, and I came across some absurd video craziness (lots of random colors and SQUARES!). Weird stuttering too, like lagging. Often audio stuttering too.

It was happening in cut-scenes between menus and sub-menus in the bonus discs, and in the actual movies on the movie discs.

I was using PowerDVD 11 (yuck!), as MakeMKV doesn't have support for the newest Blu-Ray protection, nor would it (or any other free/open-source program) help in going through menus/extra features, to my knowledge.

So I checked my hardware acceleration options - all checked in PowerDVD. I couldn't get the problems to stop. I tried reinstalling drivers. Nothing.

So I tried TMT5. Ensured that hardware acceleration was enabled in the options. Same problems, exactly. I know the discs don't have problems, because the stuttering happens are random places, and has happened on different Blu-Ray discs.

I checked the activity of my GPU in CCC (under AMD Overdrive) and it was sitting at 0% - every RARE once in a while it'd hit 2%, but I think that was due to something else entirely unrelated.

Hoping to fix this issue - I'm about to just purchase a standalone Blu-Ray player, because of Sony's nonsense. Trying to approach this legally, using commercial programs, and this crap still happens. No wonder so many resort to piracy!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

- PR-0927

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