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I've found our msn chat where Shady teached me. He gave me these files:

- The bipped.max
- BonesWSaber.xsi

Then he said:
you animate the biped, you keep the rootpose as the first pose. You export as a xsi 3.0. Compile it with the .car file I gave you, change the name of your .xsi to "ultimatetest.xsi" and than just merge it with GlaMerge
Ok, I made that but when I open assimilate and loadup the .car it says "models/players/_humanoid/ultimatetest.xsi" not found -.-! (Of course it is on the _humanoid folder)

Code inside the ""
$scale 0.64
$pcj $flatten
$pcj upper_lumbar
$pcj lower_lumbar
$pcj cranium
$pcj cervical
$pcj thoracic
$pcj pelvis
$pcj face_always_
$pcj Motion
$pcj rradius
$pcj lradius
$pcj rtibia
$pcj ltibia
$pcj rhumerus
$pcj lhumerus
$pcj lfemurYZ
$pcj rfemurYZ
$aseanimgrab models/players/_humanoid/theultimatetest.xsi -loop -1 -qdskipstart -framespeed 1 -qdskipstop
$aseanimconvertmdx_noask models/players/_humanoid/boneswsaber -makeskel models/players/_humanoid/theultimatetest -origin 0 0 24
I'm doing it correctly opening the "" directly?

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