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Tonatius nodded and followed Kalla's lead, dodging the charges of the Sith Lord. It was like playing the old game of keep away with his brother when they would tease each other by taking each other's toys and dodging the attempts to get them back. He sprang lightly on his feet.

When Kalla gave him an injury, he took a chance and leaped forward and like a snake, he struck with his blade giving a slash to a fleshy thigh. He pulled back quickly to a defensive position, blood dripping down his blade. He looked at his opponent. "A dance to the death eh?"


Tavaryn held the sides of the chair while Kaillian held onto his neck and was giggling hard. "Tavy make go more!" Tavaryn laughed not at all put out by the chair rocking.

"It looks like you better watch what you say around her if she can do that." She said as she continued to laugh.

Tavaryn replied to Belina, "Oh if anything she should watch out. I tend to strike when one least expects it" He gave a sly grin towards Alriana. Then as if nothing were amiss, he picked up his set of chopsticks and the bowl and picked a piece of meat out and held it out to Kaillian who opened her mouth for the piece of food.

Jun-la couldn't help but grin as she did the same. She knew what her uncle said was true. He would wait, often for days before getting back at someone and he always seemed to know when their guard was down enough. She commented to Belina, "His patience makes up for the trouble he causes on the med deck."

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